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About Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Stress, addiction, and other common life issues significantly affect not only an individual’s mental well being, but their physical health as well. An employee dealing with chronic mental conditions will begin to experience numerous physical complaints and ailments often treated with medical attention. This can lead to increased medical visits and prescriptions, driving up the cost of an employer’s health care. Not only is an individual’s home life affected, but their work life is as well. Employees who are experiencing chronic mental ailments may begin to experience a decline in work productivity, decreased morale at work, and a significant increase in days taken off for medical ailments and their treatment.

Interface's Employee Assistance Program is designed so that employees and their dependents (participants) are able to access a wide variety of treatment for issues affecting them not only at home, but work as well. Interface EAP does not operate as a staff model. This allows participants to select from a licensed network of clinicians established in private practices. This provides the participants the chance to meet with a more qualified match to deal with their individual needs.

Through our Employee Assistance Program sessions are available to the participant at no charge. All information reported during the session also remains confidential between participant and certified medical clinician.

How It Works:

The participant requiring assistance calls a national toll free number provided to employees. A specialized care coordinator will then obtain information from the participant to determine the best local clinician to refer the participant to. The participant is allowed to state any issue or problem for the reason of their treatment. This is very effective when dealing with the denial factor common in substance abuse cases. This program is also accessible for supervisors dealing with employees who may have issues affecting their work life. Supervisors are able to call and received referrals to local clinicians trained to give care.


Interface EAP, engages in an active promotion program, to help increase the rate of employee participation. Interface’s clients experience a utilization rate that is 4.5% higher than the national average of EAPs. On average, 65% of these cases created are resolved within the EAP sessions and are not referred to the employer’s health plan for additional treatment. This provides the employer with not only an immediate savings, but decreases mental health costs and medical costs in the long run.

Interface's Employee Assistance Program offers you the following benefits:

  • Broad-brush Employee Assistance Program including counseling, legal/financial assistance, and on-line Work/Life and Wellness Resources
  • Access to our nationwide network of licensed and experienced providers
  • Employee orientations that include tri-folds and wallet cards
  • Management training sessions utilizing custom manuals with sample forms and procedures
  • Ongoing promotional materials including pay stuffers, training videos, posters, and a monthly electronic newsletter
  • Quarterly utilization reports with demographics
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing after a qualifying traumatic incident in the workplace
  • Total quality management through surveys and ongoing communication with participants and providers

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